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Last Saturday (22/06/24), zen8labs had the absolute privilege of hosting Mr. Tran Duy Tien for a workshop on “How to work smarter”. Mr Tien is an experienced professional in this field, as he has previously served as a senior project manager and scrum master for a variety of companies such as One Mount and FPT. He came to zen8labs to share in his pool of knowledge and tell us how we can achieve a more successful outcome.

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How did we learn these tips?

Now, you’re reading this and thinking “a more successful outcome?”, how do they achieve that, well Mr. Tien broke this down into three easy to follow areas:

  1. Communication: In one part of the session, we learnt how to communicate and have more constructive conversations. This role played game was a change to find ways to help each other understand see the viewpoints of our team members from their perspective. Understanding this would allow us to be able to communicate better to solve the problems we face.
  2. Decision-making: In the second part, we learnt about making decisive decisions. Why? – The IT market in Vietnam is ever expanding and will increase by 11.5% in 2028. If we want to work smarter, we have to make better decisions so that we can capture the market and enjoy this growth. We learnt some helpful tips that can help us to exploit this market and grow.
  3. Productivity: But to achieve this success, we needed to learn how to be effectively productive. In this we were introduced to ways on how to improve our approach to our roles. The premise behind this, if we can be more effective, we can be more productive. How did we think like this – Mr. Tien asked us why we work? – His answers showed us new ways to increase our productivity.

What does this mean for our clients?

At zen8labs, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. We are confident that our newly learnt skills can help us to deliver the best IT solutions for our clients. If you want to see how we work smarter at zen8labs, then reach out to us!

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