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Denmark and the European Union are an exciting market. Benefit from our knowledge of the Danish market and see how zen8labs operate in this market.
8 min read
In our latest blog, have a look at some of our success stories and gain an appreciation for the depth of knowledge we apply to our projects at zen8labs
4 min read
Technology has revolutionised travel to a point where more people than ever are able to see the wonders of the world. Let's find out how technology changed travel in this latest blog
4 min read
Normally when programming a mobile application, we often encounter apps crashing, which is when the current application cannot operate (force close). But there is another status that is less serious: Application Not Responding (ANR). Why is it less serious because your application can continue to be used normally after waiting? The question is how to minimize ANR errors? Let's find out below.
3 min read
In this article, we will examine the best approaches for ReactJS state management and demonstrate how to maintain control over the state of your application. We shall see how ReactJS allows us to make a highly functionable app that benefits us to achieve our goals.
5 min read
zen8labs - a leading IT consulting firm, is proud to announce our participation in the UK-Southeast Asia Tech Week 2024, taking place from March 4th to March 8th. This event will showcase speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and presentations addressing critical technology topics within the UK and Southeast Asian tech ecosystems.
2 min read