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Mock data, also known as artificial data, mirrors the structure, format, and occasionally the content of real data. Learn about the methods we use mock data to our benefit at zen8labs and how it can help you in the future.
8 min read
In Go, slices are one of the most important data structures, providing developers with a way to work with and manage collections of data similar to what we use at zen8labs. In this blog, I will introduce some internal aspects of slices and highlight some pitfalls to avoid when using slices in Go.
5 min read
One of the key strengths of Odoo is its modular architecture, which allows developers to extend and modify existing modules to their needs. In zen8labs' latest blog, we look at some ways that you can use Odoo to your prosperity.
3 min read
For beginners exploring Redux, you'll come across many tutorials using Redux Thunk or Redux Saga to manage async actions. However, here at zen8labs we can give recommendations between using Redux Saga over Redux Thunk in large-scale projects. Read them in our latest blog.
4 min read
For zen8labs mobile developers, ensuring the security of data sent over APIs is important. The chosen encryption algorithm is AES since it is dependable and widely used.
5 min read
“Shift-Left” testing promises to transform the way we approach software development. Join us as we uncover and explore the transformative potential of Shift-Left testing and its impact on project success.
5 min read