How programmer gets his wife happy (part 2: iMessage)

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Following my post about How programmer gets his wife happy, here is a simpler version for who is using Mac with Message app.

zen8labs programmer ii

Forget all Twilio setup, you just need to create the cronjob. Replace the content and your wife’s number.

1. Create a file, put the command above.

#!/bin/bash /usr/bin/osascript -e ‘tell application “Messages” send “I need to go home late. Love you.” to buddy “+84988999888” of (service 1 whose service type is iMessage) end tell’ echo “Let go buddy”

/usr/bin/osascript -e ‘tell application “Messages”

send “I need to go home late. Love you.” to buddy “+84988999888” of (service 1 whose service type is iMessage)

2. Get it executable, and run at 18:30 every day.

MacBook-Pro:twilio tom$ chmod 775 MacBook-Pro:twilio hien$ vi /etc/crontab

MacBook-Pro:twilio tom$ chmod 775

MacBook-Pro:twilio tom$ vi /etc/crontab

Add this line, correct your file path, 18, 30 is the hour and minute triggers this bash script.

30 18 * * * ~/Desktop/

30 18 * * * ~/Desktop/

3. Save this file and add to cronjob. That’s all.

MacBook-Pro:twilio hien$ crontab /etc/crontab

MacBook-Pro:twilio hien$ crontab /etc/crontab

Life is easy if you are a programmer. Have a look at the fun they have here!

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