How Technology has made travel seamless

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How did we reach a time where every airline has an app? Where travelling means that Google maps effectively leads to a conclusion that you cannot get lost and an environment where there are numerous price comparisons websites. One can clearly see the effects of how travelling has been greatly expanded. All thanks to the increased presence of technology within our lives, and yet we can always help each other to find new ways to make travel burdenless where possible.  


For context, I am a reasonably well travelled person and I have seen some truly amazing things. All thanks to my laptop and my phone. My laptop is great for opening multiple tabs of and comparing destinations with its handy function which shows the cheapest destinations from your local airport. As seen in the picture below (figures in USD)  

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This function has been a significant benefit in opening up travel opportunities for me. It has allowed me to see some beautiful sights. As for apps such as the Google wallet which have allowed me to have my flight tickets in once location and my bank cards. Where possible, I always recommend to people to use digital wallets for ticketing as to ease the bundling and confusion of carrying numerous tickets and documents in their hand. I also recommend checking the website: – it helps to provide clear advice and links on what your passport will require for the respective countries.  

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Example Passport – Vietnamese 

These are just some of the steps that make my journeys run more efficiently thanks to websites and apps. But how did we get here?  

Game Changers

Computerised Booking System  

First the computerised booking system by American Airlines was the explosion the air travel boom in the 1950s. First SABRE and then the computerised reservation system (CRS) and finally today’s Global Distribution Services (GDS). The software and code used was genius and even today it still forms the benchmark for how computers are used. If you ever want to see it and learn more about how it works, then you can read more about it here.  

AirLine Apps  

The GDS gave the rise to booking comparison websites. Then the covid-19 pandemic de-railed everything for the travel industry. However, they were already thinking about their resurgence and how to meet the new demanding world. From this catalyst, came an increased need for apps and a need to focus on the personalised experience which makes customers feel like they are noticed, valued and able to build a travel experience to their need. Airlines made a range of changes that factored in the new technological demand of the customers as well as the desire to keep safe. For myself personally, during the pandemic, I started to use the digital wallet more to ease the use of using a paper ticket. I was able to get through customers checks quicker with the simple scan of my QR ticket and head straight for the security line.  

It is things like the digital wallet and the Global Distribution Service which has allowed companies to open the market that has really achieved the current travel market we have today. How does it look for the future?  

Future of Travel  

Traveling and the travel industry will continue to change to meet the ever-demanding environment they operate in. Here are two functions I think will happen within the next two years:  

Universal Searching: Within the next two years, I think current price comparison websites will start to offer price comparisons for all modes of transports that includes ferries and trains. Even now sites such as Skyscanner and kayak offer a car rental service, a hotel booking service and much more. They will work hard to try and generate more feed to their websites and by offering a more universal approach to travel, if they do this then they’ll succeed in gaining more of the market share.  

Technological Advancements: Smart rooms in hotels, increased use of automated chatbots with enhanced A.I. that can increase the personalisation of the experience for the traveller. Augmented and Virtual reality in travel agents’ shops, these are just some of the possibilities that could arise with the ever-changing advancements in the field of I.T technology. This effect can will seen within the travel industry as the industry will want to enhance that experience for maximum experience and maximum profit. These ideas are even mentioned in other articles, and it shows that we are approaching a new chapter in how technology will continue to make travel seamless. 

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Now taking everything that we have said, let’s bring it together. I.T. technology since the 1950s really helped to advance the expansion of air travel for the masses. Systems like the GDS which gave an early step to the coding side of air travel and helped to create a more streamlined service for customers. Websites like and have then utilised this to give clear and affordable information to customers. I will also recommend to anybody to look at these websites or any alternatives and save yourself some money. If you do not already, have a digital wallet on your phone to make your life easier.  

But also, be prepared for the constant changing nature. There are a range of capabilities in which technology will continue to enhance the travel world. It is why we are here today, so if you are a company and you are reading this, thinking you want to be ahead of the competition. Then reach out to us at zen8labs for all your technological needs.  

Jared Baker, Accounts Manager

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