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Mentor Management and Retention Platform.

BlueSkyAI is the creator of Atmos, a text based, mentor management, and retention platform, that accurately connects students to mentors in a more personalized and

Private Luxury Members' Club.

Rose Villa - Saigon (RVS) is a sumptuous life style member's club and boutique hotel opens in 2021 with hundreds millions USD investment. Built with the aim to

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Products and Platform Solutions.

VinBigData provides platform technology solutions and advanced products based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, focusing on providing innovative and novel solutions for Vietnam through

Premium Japanese Haircare Brand.

Founded in 2013, Moist Diane is a premium Japanese haircare brand that combines advanced technology with natural essential oils to maximize efficacy. Moist Diane continuously

VinGroup Innovation Fund.

At zen8labs we were reached out by VinÌ and asked to create a website. The idea of this website was to introduce VinIF innovation fund