Global tech consultancy specializing in customer experience design, digital transformation and enterprise modernization.

Born in Silicon Valley, we were created with an aim to help companies thrive as modern digital businesses.

By injecting our in-depth understanding of business models into technology strategy and digital influence, we empower organizations to execute exceptional experiences and allow them to meet their strategic goals through integrated tools.

We aim to be a leading global technology consultancy that solves complex issues and empowers clients’ success through innovative customer-centric solutions. Ultimately, our purpose is to build long-term, meaningful partnerships while generating sustainable values for society.

Meet our leadership team at Zen8Labs

Billy Pham

Born in Vietnam, Billy is a web developer and entrepreneur living in San Francisco. He has a degree in Computer Science from the prestigious National University of Singapore.

Today, Billy has a notable 12-year career full of experience from working with tech giants such as Google, Addepar, and McAfee.

Tom Nguyen
Co-Founder, CEO

A computer programmer, tech entrepreneur, lecturer, and author with 15 years in the technology industry. Tom was an Engineering Manager for Danish startup Planday for five years and has co-founded multiple Agile and development communities in Hanoi, Vietnam, such as Agile Vietnam and Scrum Hanoi.

He has also gained several honours in competitions such as the Programming Olympic for University students and the ACM/ICPC for Asia region. Aside from his responsibilities as CEO of Zen8Labs, Tom is also an Agile and digital transformation consultant for VnDirect, VNPT, Viettel, and F88.

Dave Bui

Developer and tech entrepreneur Dave earned his Master’s degree from Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. During his time there, he was a senior developer for the digital experience agency – Isobar. In his 15 years in the industry, he became the director of VnDirect Securities and Technology Creativity Division of Vinmec International Healthcare System.

He also co-founded medical equipment company ViCare and presentation software company AhaSlides.

/ Core Values


We pride ourselves in having strong ethical values and responsible accountability. Our words are our vows.


We encourage embracing change and taking the initiative as it will lead the way to break new grounds that champion innovation and progress.


We are highly passionate and committed to our work. Our Definition of Done always goes above and beyond the set expectations.

The story behind the name “Zen8Labs”

It all began on a Sunday afternoon when our founders met up for a cup of coffee. Somehow, the topic of crafting something amazing to contribute to the vast digitalization of the world made its way into the conversation. At that time, they were such ambitious entrepreneurs in the tech ecosystem looking for something to call their own, all the while surrounded by underutilized experts looking for an environment to shine.

That is how Zen8Labs was born. An interconnected talent network for creative tech savvies to gather around and decipher complicated issues for society.

Our company name originates from a combined target – “Zen-8-Labs”, an establishment created to help organizations prevent draining their resources and time and facilitate forward-thinking business practices.