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Born in Silicon Valley, Zen8Labs is a global technology consultancy that specializes in customer experience design, digital transformation, and enterprise modernization.

With an aim to connect your business with tech talents to provide the best solutions that will help you thrive as modern digital businesses, we inject our in-depth understanding of business model into technology strategy and digital fluency to empower businesses and organizations to execute exceptional experiences, and allow them to meet their strategic goals through integrated tools. Your confidence and visibility are our most proud accomplishments.

At the beginning, Zen8Labs’ talented founders were holding prestigious positions in some of the most influential tech giants in the world such as well-known names like Google or Facebook, and up-and-coming startups such as Planday – successfully raised €35 million in one of the largest funding rounds in Danish history, before they are sold to cloud-based accounting software firm Xero through an acquisition that worth $284 million – also one of the largest acquisition deals in Danish history. From a small group of motivated individuals, Zen8Labs has now grown into a talent community with developers and partners of 6 to 20 years of experience.

Despite the generous amount of experience in related fields, it is common knowledge that in an industry where disruptive change is inevitable and constant like technology, anxiety is contagious. Hence, we learn to practice and evolve under stress to help you perform at your best when it matters most. Through projects that fuel efficiencies and innovation, we aspire to inspire.

the story behind the name “zen8labs”

It all began on a Sunday afternoon, when our founders met up for a cup of coffee. Somehow, the topic of crafting something amazing to contribute to the vast digitalization of the world made its way into the conversation. At that time, they were such ambitious entrepreneurs in the tech ecosystem looking for something to call their own, all the while surrounded by underutilized experts looking for an environment to shine.

That is how Zen8Labs was born. An interconnected talent network for creative tech savvies to gather around and decipher complicated issues for the society.

Our company name originates from a combined target – “Zen-8-Labs”, an establishment created to help organizations prevent draining their resources and time, and facilitate forward-thinking business practices.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Everyday, we challenge ourselves to outperform yesterday. With the thirst for inspiration burning in our veins, we set out on a quest to generate value for the world